Loan money for new household windmill

Need a loan to buy a household wind turbine? Then you can become clearer about your various options in this article. The small wind turbines for private have become really widespread and popular in several places.

The reasons are many, but most importantly, they are a really good investment that can save on your fixed bills, your CO2 emissions and increase the value of the home as a whole.

So, while it may require a loan, it can prove to be a really sensible decision. Read more about the loan options here and apply completely without obligation.

Your loan options


Online you have the opportunity to apply up to USD 400,000 and get a fair interest rate if you search for the right places. We have selected some of the most affordable, where you can apply for free and without obligation:

If you want to explore other options, we generally think there are 3 different loan options you should know about:

  1. The bank and the mortgage institution
  2. The dealer
  3. Mortgage companies online

The bank and the mortgage lender may be two different solutions, but they often work closely together. So, in conjunction with your bank advisor, you can find the right solution.

In the bank, you will typically take out a classic consumer loan for the financing, while in the mortgage institution it is done as a loan in the home’s home value. The latter will result in the lowest interest rates, but also mean that you take out loans at the fair value.

If you are unable to meet their requirements, you always have the option of applying for up to USD 400,000 online , or seek financing from the dealer. There are some manufacturers that offer.

On the web you can easily and quickly fill applications, whether you need 30, 50 or 100,000 dollars. You can apply for this from several providers. As mentioned, you can become clearer about your options online, via the above overview.

Prices and requirements for household wind turbines

Prices and requirements for household wind turbines

Since you read about loans for household wind turbine, you probably already have a good idea of ​​the price level or what your model costs. The very cheap models cost “only” 30-40,000, while the more expensive models can cost more than 500,000.

The price range is thus large and what is the right solution for you depends on your finances and needs. Always remember to research the wind turbine market thoroughly so that you buy the right model and from the cheapest dealer.

You should also be aware of the requirements so that you are sure you are in compliance with the applicable legislation. Depending on whether you live in the countryside or in the city, you must apply for a land zone permit or a building permit respectively.

In addition, the following requirements must be met during construction:

  • A maximum of 20-25 meters from your house
  • At least 100 meters to beaches
  • At least 150 meters to lakes and streams
  • At least 200 meters to your neighbor
  • At least 300 meters to large forests and the nearest church

The different household mill types

The different household mill types

Typically, three different types of household wind turbines are distinguished, depending on their size:

  • micro Moller
  • mini Moller
  • Small wind turbines

This is how a household wind turbine can work

You can see an example of an active household turbine here, but be aware that they are available in different sizes, depending on your needs.