Loans without guarantor 2019

It is not always easy to have access to a loan without a paycheck, especially if there is not even a guarantor. Let’s see what are the alternative guarantees that we can present to the bank to obtain the financing we need.

Let’s see how the loans work for those customers who are without a paycheck and do not have the opportunity to present a guarantor who offers to take charge of any unpaid repayment installments. Let’s find out which banks you can apply for this type of loan from and what the options are. Finally, how to apply for the desired loan in order to receive the money we need in the shortest possible time.

Loans without guarantor: how do they work?

Loans without guarantor: how do they work?

Very often you are in the situation of having to apply for a loan, however it is not always easy to receive it. The guarantees that the bank requires to disburse the financing we need are often too restrictive, so much so that many customers give up the credit requested. Among the requirements most sought after by financial institutions are first of all the paycheck (or pension), and as an alternative to it the presentation of the signature of a guarantor, who in case of non-payment by us will pay the amount not refunded.

In the event that you do not meet these requirements, it is more difficult to receive the desired funding. However, there are alternatives to the guarantees just mentioned. The first possibility is addressed to all self-employed workers who need a certain sum of money. In this case, even in the absence of a guarantor, what we can present to the bank with whom we apply is the last tax return, on the basis of which the positive or negative outcome of the loan grant and the sum that will be determined we can request.

Another option is aimed instead at customers who own a home. In this case, most banks offer the possibility of receiving financing through the property mortgage. In the event that we are unable to pay the agreed repayment installment, the bank may proceed with the auctioning of the home. Therefore this is an operation that is certainly risky for the customer and therefore to be carefully assessed, but which in the absence of other guarantees constitutes the only way to receive the financing we need.

How to receive a loan without guarantor

How to receive a loan without guarantor

To receive a loan without paycheck and without guarantor, but with the requirements just seen, you can proceed as usual in two different ways: through the online procedure or by going to the branch. All the major companies now offer their customers the opportunity to make the request for any type of financing directly from their website, simply by authenticating themselves with their credentials.

Many banks offer this type of service which as always are among the most reliable companies if you are looking for a loan. So what you will need to do to obtain a loan even without a paycheck or guarantor will be to enter the amount we need and the duration we prefer, and we will have to attach all the documentation that will be required of us.

In a few days the bank will evaluate our position and decide whether to disburse the loan requested by us. As we have said, all of this will also be possible by going to our bank. To do this, simply make an appointment always via the website or by phone. In this case our procedure will be managed by an operator who will also be able to give us further information regarding the financing offered by the company.

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